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If you own a piece of property that has minerals underground, such as oil or natural gas, you have probably already been contacted by an oil or gas company wishing to make use of those precious resources. Many people in Oklahoma do not realize that they are entitled to certain royalties for the minerals on their land. So, before you accept any contract from a large company, you should first consult with a knowledgeable attorney experienced in oil and gas law.

The Handley Law Center of Oklahoma, assists individuals throughout Canadian County and the state with mineral leases and other oil and gas matters. We seek to help you protect your property rights by providing cost-effective legal representation and experienced negotiation that works to meet your goals.

Experienced Oklahoma City Oil And Gas Lease Lawyers

There are many different provisions in a mineral lease. We explain key terms and concepts in plain English so our clients understand what the company’s goals really are. We also assist royalty owners to negotiate terms of a new lease such as:

  • The duration of the lease agreement, as well as the company’s use of minerals

  • What percentage of profits will be given to the royalty owner

  • The company’s rights regarding property inspection and equipment installation

  • Any liabilities and which party is responsible for any damages

  • The landowner’s privacy rights and proper notifications of equipment or mineral inspection

Whether you need to negotiate a new lease or enforce an existing one, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you. Our senior attorney, Fletcher Handley, was instrumental in resolving a class-action suit against Santa Fe Minerals in Handley v. Santa Fe Minerals case. Our associate, Ashton Handley, was also among the first graduates at the University of Tulsa College of Law to participate in the school’s advanced oil and gas training program.

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If you need someone to protect your mineral royalty rights, contact The Handley Law Center to schedule a free consultation with one of our Oklahoma oil and gas law attorneys. Call us during normal business hours to schedule an appointment. The Handley Law Center maintains offices in Oklahoma City and El Reno, Oklahoma. We accept Visa and MasterCard payments.

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